Company Overview

Almenta was established by former Intelligence, Security and Telecom professionals with extensive backgrounds in the security sector providing a wide range of very specialized global security related products and services designed for both peaceful and hostile environments. Our business is divided into four specific key areas: Intelligence | Surveillance | Detection and Jamming

Almenta’s strength and success are due to a combination of
several essential elements, including:

The personal attention given to each and every project, which is followed through with dedicated after-sales technical support and service

Market-leading technology and customized solutions

Highly qualified team and committed personnel

More than 30 years of experience in developing and providing surveillance technology solutions

Almenta Vision

Providing Nations with best of breed technology in order to fight terror, crime and provide welfare to their citizens.

Almenta Group

Gathering communication information is an ongoing challenge. Communication over mobile networks is growing exponentially and technology challenges must be addressed. Countries use Almenta’s systems to fight terror and increase protection, monitor illegal immigrant traffic, fight drugs, weapons and human trafficking, secure VIP and events, prevent money laundering acts, and much more.

We, in Almenta Group, believe in integration of various intelligence sources into CAPTUR ONE solution while keeping simplicity of operation.

Global Presence

Almenta has a wide range of clients: Governmental Intelligence organizations, Military Intelligence units, Federal and Military Police Forces, Financial Investigation Units (FIUs) and Anti-Corruption Governmental units, Drug Enforcement agencies, Coastal and Border security units.