The world of today, more than ever before, is an Internet-connected world, smartphones, social media, dark Web, etc. Almenta identified the need to give a comprehensive meaning to ‘Interception’.

With CAPTUR ONE Almenta extends the search of a Target, combining the worlds of Tactical GSM Interception,
IMSI/IMEI Catching & Localization, Geo-Intelligence, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Cyber-Intelligence.

CAPTUR ONE is not only about understanding and implementing future technological needs.
Almenta’s daily relationship with its global customers focus on the need to improve the current technologies,
simplify their use, and create a technological continuum – searching The Target across different ‘Worlds’:

Tactical GSM Interception

ALMENTA captur A 900 × 450


MITM GSM interception system
The CAPTUR A is designed for off-air interception of cellular communication in GSM networks. It provides Man In The Middle (MITM) interception of 4 or more simultaneous targets that are operating in the vicinity of the system. The system supports 2G/3G/4G and 5G NSA to intercepts and records outgoing and incoming communications – voice calls, SMS and Data.

ALMENTA captur C 900 × 450


IMSI/IMEI catcher
The CAPTUR C is a powerful IMSI/IMEI catcher designed with capabilities of Geo location and WIFI MAC address catching. CAPTUR C is a fully SDR based system that catches targets on their 2G/3G/4G and 5G NSA native networks. The system is designed for vehicular, stationery and backpack field missions. The CAPTUR C is a multi-band self-learning and very easy to use system.


Passive GSM interception system
The CAPTUR P is a fully passive GSM interception system. The technology is based on a combination of narrow and wide band receivers. The configuration of the CAPTUR P can host 64/128/256 receivers in an effective resources management to record 256/512/1024 duplex voice channels. The system supports A5.1, A5.2, A5.3 encryption types with ability to catch information from up to 128 BTSs.

Observer - Geo Location


Observer – Provides the location (GPS coordination) at a Cell-ID level where the target is registered on a map

Jamming Systems

Tactical Jammer

This High Power Multi bands Portable Jammers. Specially designed to address multiple missions, each supplied in a trolley-type attaché case. The various models offer a range of different jamming options and power sources with or without batteries. The system is supplied with different kinds of antennas and controlled remotely by a handheld unit or via the network from the C2 center.

Anti-drone Jammer

Almanta Group provides various kinds of Anti-drone systems. Starting from a Handheld unit to defeat small DJI drones, Jamming GNSS as well as control channels . The High End anti- drone Jammers can Jam bands from 300 to 18,000 MHZ to fight MALE UAVs from a distance of more than 10 km.

Prison Jamming

High power Cellular/WIFI Jamming system installed on the perimeter of the Prison. Designed for outdoor installation with a command and control from the Prison C2 center. Cost effective / Fast deployment systems carries vast experience in many prisons in the world.

JAM V40 - Vehicular Convoy Protection Jammer

JAM V40 – VIP vehicle jamming platform, provides an ultimate solution for convoy protection against IED bombs. High power from 1400 watts to 1750 watts. Designed for Luxury, SUVs and military vehicles.

RF Detector Systems

ALMENTA GSM fake BTS Detector and Finder 900 × 450


GSM fake BTS Detector and Finder
Business/VIP protection

ALMENTA IMSI catcher detector 900 × 450


IMSI Catcher Detector
Governmental /Critical facility protection