Convoy Protection

VIP Convoys and transportation were always a security vulnerable “weak spot” for deadly malicious attacks, and an ongoing headache for the security forces.

Counter IED Jammers
Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are a threat for a long while, used by terrorists and insurgents worldwide, the recent advances is un-manned capabilities (especially drones) even enhance this threat to VIP and convoys, Military, Political, prosecutors and Law enforcement personal. Countermeasures are essential – jamming equipment and early-warning sensors are very much in demand by security forces – military, para-military, and private sector. Almenta Group’s counter-IED Jammers provide an effective countermeasure to the most demanding of threats, thus saving lives and providing a reliable and agile force protection capability.
Almenta Group’s systems are constantly evolving and adapted to the most modern threats, with “battle-proven” track record worldwide, providing a “safe and secure envelop” on the move.