Prison Jamming Security

Prison security is crucial to maintaining staff and inmate safety in a correctional setting. Security in prisons includes, but is not limited to, managing restrictive housing populations, classification and assessment, managing special populations, and security audits. But beyond that – around the world inmates are managing illegal activity from within the prison.

Almenta Group’s Prison Security

The threat of terror, criminal activity, human and drug trafficking, and illegal immigration demand an holistic and comprehensive border security solution. Almenta Group’s systems provide continuous and effective security for terrestrial borders.

Almenta Group solution incorporates various sensors, orchestrated to an overall solution. The solution provides cutting-edge decision-makers situational understanding and actionable intelligence to tackle border threats in real time.

Almenta Group’s systems are deployed worldwide, providing agile security for various boarder with different challenges and requirements, tailored to the customer’ needs and challenges.

Almenta Group’s systems address all aspects of border security: border crossings, physical barriers along the border, tactical sensing and intelligence – and command and control systems.

Almenta Group border security concept supports multi-level command hierarchy – local, regional and national command centers.